Fiat Chrysler to Recall 894,000 SUVs for Air Bags, Brake Seals

by 30 Oct 2015
By Mark Clothier, Bloomberg
(Bloomberg)  The first recall covers 351,989 Jeep Liberty SUVs from 2003 and Jeep Grand Cherokees from 2004 to replace air-bag control modules and impact sensors. The company said in a statement Friday that it knows of seven injuries from inadvertent deployment and that the vehicles don’t have Takata Corp. air bags. The SUVs include 284,089 in the U.S., 13,411 in Canada, 6,277 in Mexico and 48,212 outside North America.

The second involves 541,709 Dodge Journeys from 2012 through 2015. A sealant may let water damage anti-lock braking and electronic stability control systems, with no accidents or injuries reported, Fiat Chrysler said. Of the affected vehicles, 275,614 are in the U.S., 78,148 in Canada, 36,471 in Mexico and 151,476 outside North America, where the SUV is sold as the Fiat Freemont.

In July, Fiat Chrysler agreed to pay a record $105 million penalty in the U.S and take steps following a government investigation of the company’s handling of 23 recalls involving more than 11 million cars and trucks. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration demanded that consumers be able to sell their vehicles back to the company if repairs haven’t been completed.

As part of the July agreement with the government, Fiat Chrysler agreed to hire an independent monitor to ensure it will no longer delay safety recalls. Rodney Slater, former U.S. transportation secretary, has been approved for that job, the automaker said Oct. 23.