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State Approx $ amount of coverage Posted
VA $35K 10/16/2015
Details description I have a client with a 1973 Chevrolet Camaro with Nitrous and a roll bar. None of my carriers will write with Nitrious
OH $40K 10/13/2015
Details description 1,000,000 liability 5,000,000 excess
WA $3M 10/13/2015
Details description Seasonal, May trough September Swim and Tennis Club with restaurant on premises. Inclusion of bodily injury for leagues, contenstants, abuse and molestation, liquor liability, and ...
UT $400K 10/10/2015
Details description This risk has 14 units. None of the units have an indoor exit from the room. This has been a very good risk over the years with very few losses.
TX 10/8/2015
Details description Commercial Body Shop for commercial vehicles. 50% is Transit buses, 5% school buses and the rest is tractor trailer and small portion is motorhomes
CA $1M 10/7/2015
Details description landscaping
CA $50K 10/7/2015
Details description
IL $500K 10/7/2015
Details description extended product warranty needed to cover terms and conditions of their warranty obligations on manufacturer and distributor of electrical products used in commercial and industria ...
CA 10/7/2015
Details description Flood Mudslide coverage
CA $273K 10/7/2015
Details description Landlord Protection policy - $500,000 Premises Liability, Personal Injury, Loss of Use, Med Pay, Extended Dwelling Replacement Coverage. Location Brush Area, Talmage, CA 95481 - S ...
CT $50K 10/7/2015
Details description Distributor of medical products. Liability $1M, $2M AG Business Contents $50k Would also need Workers Comp & Umbrella
National $1M 10/6/2015
Details description Client has a history of diabetes with elevated blood sugar and elevated protein in his urine on current lab results. Type 2 diabetes.
UT $100K 10/6/2015
Details description I need an aggressive and extremely competitive carrier who is good with teenage drivers. Insureds would be willing to pkg home as well if it's also competitive. The field for ...
UT $3M 10/6/2015
Details description There are two parts to this. The insured is the formulator and owns the recipe, but, he has a packer who is doing the mixing, packaging, and putting it together. I'm after a poli ...
TX $1M 10/6/2015
Details description Staffing company that has contracts to complete underwater boat repairs and freight forwarding. USL&H endorsement is needed. We will also need Florida to be added to the policy i ...
TX 10/6/2015
Details description Repo man working exclusively for car dealers. Repo's with keys only, no towing.
CT $25K 10/6/2015
Details description Software provider... all levels...from design, production, troublesooting and wholesale sales/distribution,. 3 or 4 office-sales locations throughout USA....CT, NJ, WA, OR. 15+y ...
CA $1M 10/5/2015
Details description 10/09/15 RENEWAL DATE - Class Code 3040 - Iron Works-Non Structural - $18,000 Payroll and 8810 Clerical - $40,000 Payroll. Insured has a C23 Ornamental Metal Working Contractor's ...
CA $1M 10/5/2015
Details description Mobile entertainment operation. Motor home equipped with video games used to entertain parties and events.
GA $2M 10/5/2015
Details description Girl’s hair accessories (hair clips, headbands, clip keepers and bags).